Why Not Round?

POCKET FORM ISOLATOR has proven to solve another age-old problem that is commonly encountered in construction. The problem was the inability of a contractor to be able to build an economical and fully functional utility pull-box for under-slab routing. For many years, grocery stores and several other types of buildings have needed to place serviceable refrigeration lines under slabs on grade. Convention centers, communication centers, law enforcement buildings, courthouses and other buildings have needed to place serviceable cable lines under slabs on grade. As our society becomes more and more "hi-tech", the need for this type of construction is rapidly increasing.

POCKET FORM ISOLATOR has proven to provide contractors a very practical and economical means of constructing the junction boxes for these various sub-slab elements. PFI is available in just about any shape or size that you could ever dream of. We customize pre-drilled holes to meet your standards for the job; or the PFI can be easily field modified by the user. Our orange safety lids come in very handy for many of the situations encountered and we also have special adapters to make pull-boxes with an "edge-ledge" to support thin cover slabs that will meet building specifications.

Forget about cave-ins, damaged pipe and wasted concrete! Call us for a quote on any type of under slab junction box that you may need. Since junction boxes are often set atop of waste-slab footings, we offer height adjustments to meet any need you will have.

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