Why Not Round?




Tilt-up construction is rapidly gaining popularity with every year accounting for higher percentages of the overall building construction business. It is no wonder either, because tilt-up construction methods decrease construction time and allow many flexibility advantages over other competitive methods.

Pocket Form Isolator helps hundreds of tilt-up users speed up their projects even further because it is installed in less time, with perfect consistency, always having accurate corner angles, saving money and eliminating form removal entirely!

For quite a few years, many contractors have formed isolation pockets with wooden or cardboard temporary forms - stopped short of the finished floor elevation by 1" to 4". After this temporary formwork is sand filled, a slab is cast around and over the sand filled forms. This, in the opinion of many contractors, allows for an ultimate concrete finisher's environment of having no voids to work around. The trouble with pockets in buildings constructed in this manner is twofold: First, there is usually a thickened slab edge around the perimeter of each isolation pocket; second, precisely locating and removing the wasted concrete, sand (don't forget anchor bolts are in the way) and the temporary form.

At FMC, Inc. we have a much better solution for accomplishing the same goal. PFI has made this time, labor and material wasteful method a thing of the past! Many well known, high profile contractors all over the U.S. have chosen to switch to PFI to accomplish this seemingly difficult task with extreme simplicity.

With PFI, the contractor orders the size he or she needs (we have over 500 shapes and sizes available from inventory), carefully attaches the PFI to the footing, drops in our orange safety lid, backfills up to the underside of the slab elevation (no thickened slab edge) and casts the slab around the [covered] isolation pockets! There is nothing to remove but the orange safety lid with the lid tool provided free of charge. After the (reusable) orange safety lid is lifted, there remains a perfectly clean opening with undisturbed anchor bolts for simple and efficient column anchorage. Also, please note ...there are no chipped slab edges - because there were no forms to remove! As a result, you have saved time, labor, and the many headaches of repairing chipped edges.

At this time, our orange safety lids are readily available in sizes of 24" square and 28" square; however, flush fitting wooden lids can be easily field fabricated from plywood or dimensional lumber to fit odd shaped, non-square or over-sized pockets.

Our lids are preferred void coverage method by many safety inspectors because of their strength, high visibility, economy and ease of removal. Our lids can even easily be locked in place to prevent vandalism, theft or accidental dislodging in critical situations. The tops of our lids have embossed logo and safety information that is easily filled with sheetrock compound or any number of available filler material to prevent transfer to concrete wall panels, making them a favorite of tilt-up contractors.

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