Why Not Round?


Many experienced contractors realize that construction sequencing can “make or break” you. These same contractors also know the problems of being “painted in a corner”. At Forrester Manufacturing Company, Inc. we are also aware of the importance of sequencing - after all, we are in the manufacturing business! Construction companies are also “manufacturers”, but in a mobile sense of the word; because their “pockets” are manufactured in variable locations and under variable weather conditions. It would be safe to say that construction is a very difficult form of manufacturing for these reasons.

Pocket Form Isolator is a product that has been designed with sequence flexibility as one of the main goals. Our products help contractors maintain an efficient progression. Using Pocket Form Isolator per our recommendations will never cause you to be “painted in a corner”. You will always have greater flexibility using Pocket Form Isolator!

We see numerous situations where isolation pockets were cast prior to placement of the main slab, due to personal preferences or situational needs. Most slabs are cast around forms for isolation pockets. Following the placement of concrete against the interior or the exterior of temporary forms, a stripping (removal) process must take place. This stripping process is a waste of time now that Pocket Form Isolator is available! This stripping process is also an ideal environment for problems to occur. Wasting time is now avoidable, wasting concrete is also avoidable. The odds of a labor force removing temporary forms without damaging the slab edges are very small.

Let’s assume that a contractor elects to cast his or her isolation pockets immediately after steel erection, yet prior to slab placement. The contractor builds, braces and places forms made to form the pocket. Then, the steel is delayed - what does the contractor need to do in order to change his plans and go ahead and cast the slab? Build smaller forms. How easy is that? With Pocket Form Isolator, the contractor has no forms to change!

Simultaneously casting isolation pockets with the floor slab is now possible with Pocket Form Isolator, because our products do not require removal! Have you ever built a project with integrally colored concrete? If you have or are going to, you can only be sure your integrally colored concrete will be color-matched from pockets to slab if that concrete all came from the same truck! Simultaneous casting is ideal for this!

Our Orange Safety Lids also help with your construction sequencing! In cases where a slab is cast prior to column erection, our Orange Safety Lids serve several functions! First, the lids act as a strut to help maintain perfectly square pockets. Second, the lids allow safety code compliance (no open pits & no trip hazards). Third, Orange Safety Lids are the ideal means of casting tilt-up wall panels. The Orange Safety Lids also prevent the need for “junk removal” prior to column erection.

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