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There once was a time when round isolation pockets made a lot of sense. Fortunately, round is a shape that is not needed as often as some may think. Wood-formed column isolations have been around since the year 1920, and probably even earlier. During the years following the availability of round, tubular cardboard forms, many contractors chose to use prefabricated forms as opposed to field fabricated wooden formwork because it offered consistency and convenience compared to wood forms. There was a time period when round was the best shape for pockets because of the comparative ease of producing multiple identical column isolation pockets - when cardboard tubes were available. This time span is over now. Wooden isolation pocket formwork has to be removed and cardboard formwork also must be removed. Prior to the availability of POCKET FORM ISOLATOR, round was an attractive shape - but, in reality it was not for geometric reasons as often as it was for reasons of simplicity and convenience.

POCKET FORM ISOLATOR has made all other methods of column isolation pocket formwork become obsolete. Wooden or cardboard formwork does not fare well in wet conditions - it swells or buckles and becomes even more difficult to remove. Wooden or cardboard formwork also does not stay-in-place, so chipped edges and broken penetrations are a common occurrence.

POCKET FORM ISOLATOR offers even greater simplicity than cardboard tubes and doesn’t require field cutting or removal. Since there is no removal you can say good-bye to your chipped edges and broken penetrations.


We should point out that there are several problems with round, tubular cardboard formed isolations around columns compared to POCKET FORM ISOLATOR:

Safety! It can be quite risky to attempt to cut cardboard tubes with typical woodworking tools and equipment. POCKET FORM ISOLATOR is not dependant upon field cutting!

Economy! Using cardboard tubes is not nearly as economical as it may seem - there are numerous nailers and braces required for a good finished product. POCKET FORM ISOLATOR never needs removal, so separate nailers are not required!

Convenience! Cardboard tubes are tedious to work with and the screed edge is only as straight as they have been cut off the main tube. POCKET FORM ISOLATOR is consistent on every project; injection molded plastic parts assure straight edges every time!

Simplicity! There are several steps involved in field fabricating round column isolations that must be supervised carefully. POCKET FORM ISOLATOR is ready to use when it comes to your job. Simply attach sides together with furnished hardware and it is ready for anchorage to footings with furnished hardware!

Weather! Have you ever seen a cardboard tube after a rainy period? It is usually ruined. Working with wet and swollen tubes is very risky labor. POCKET FORM ISOLATOR is made of durable High-Density PolyEthylene and is completely unaffected by submersion!

Sequencing! Have you ever tried to place a round cardboard tube around an existing column? Once you cut a round tube, it is almost impossible to reattach the ends. POCKET FORM ISOLATOR comes in segments that are easily attached with or without columns in place!

Covers! OSHA requires flush-fitting covers over all “open-pits” over 3” deep. OSHA also has regulations intended to prevent “trip hazards”. POCKET FORM ISOLATOR is available with orange Safety Lids that are flush-fitting. With PFI and the orange Safety Lids in place there is no “open pit” and no “trip hazard”!

Appearance! If you can economically produce good-looking round isolations around columns, please send us a photo - it will be our first. When waste slabs are cast over pockets that are held low, the waste slab must be tediously removed to prevent edge chipping. How is someone supposed to make a round sawcut in concrete? POCKET FORM ISOLATOR requires no waste slabs and since there is no form removal - there is no edge damage. PFI also enables a contractor to cast directly over lids for a speedy, efficient, economical finished product that looks good and functions as it should!

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