Why Not Round?


At Forrester Manufacturing Company, Inc. we are committed to doing our part to help our environment by utilizing several practices. We recycle our plastic and aluminum scraps where they can be best reused.We even recycle our cardboard boxes and wooden pallets. We ensure that recycled products are utilized as much as practical by our suppliers, also.

Pocket Form Isolator utilizes recycled plastic (HDPE regrind) in a post-industrial format as well as in a post-consumer manner. Currently, our plastic “recipe” uses up to 45% recycled plastic. Although High-Density Polyethylene makes great milk jugs, soda bottles and many other types of containers - reground HDPE is not suitable for their use; however, regrind is great for making concrete forms. Always working hard to further improve our products and to be better environmental stewards, our chemical consultants are working diligently on blends of plastics with the ultimate goal of being 100% recycled plastic content in our form walls.

Forest preservation is very important to us as well. Many thousands of trees are destroyed every year for the field construction of wooden column isolation pockets. Why not change to Pocket Form Isolator and use a product that was headed for the landfill rather than to use valuable lumber in a one-use application such as forming concrete? What a waste of lumber! Pocket Form Isolator enables you to form perfect column isolation pockets and use recycled plastic rather than precious forest products.

Another way that our products benefit our environment is by giving contractors a way to build blockouts without using Styrofoam or similar products! The bond tenacity between concrete and Styrofoam or similar products is incredible; therefore, many contractors remove all or portions of their foam product block-out forms by using petrochemicals. The gasoline or solvent immediately dissolves foam products (how handy). This careless use of petrochemicals hurts our environment - not to mention that the residue of this practice is highly combustible and in some cases literally explosive! Petrochemicals used in this manner hurts every person, plant and animal!

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