Why Not Round?


Many contractors are forced to be extremely cost conservative. We respect this, because we are also extremely cost conservative in our business. We recognize that there are limits on the values placed on any building products, due to the competitive methods, convenience, simplicity, quality, etc.

Column isolation pockets have been built typically using temporary wooden forms for at
least 80 years. We recognize that some people will never change from the old-fashioned
ways that they do some projects. In the 1960’s, plywood was hesitantly accepted - because many people simply didn’t trust it. Many people didn’t even accept handheld calculators to provide “the right answer” for several years. Simply stated, there is a segment of the population that is hesitant to accept change.

The biggest area where our sales personnel are met with the most resistance is in the price. Pocket Form Isolator even “looks expensive” to many inquisitive contractors. If a contractor initially has the mindset that PFI is “too expensive”, we simply offer to provide cost comparisons based on information given by the contractor.

We sometimes hear, “I can build a wooden pocket for $5.00 or $6.00. Then, remove it for another $2.00. Cleaning up costs me nothing and I never have chipped edges.” To this we say, “Yeah, right.” Every day we hear about situations where our customers mention how quickly they put together PFI and then save BIG BUCKS by not wasting concrete on a thickened slab edge. That same customer also saves wood, labor and cleanup! Now, tell
me if it’s “too expensive”! With Pocket Form Isolator, your initial cost + installation labor are your only expenses. With temporary forms, please remember to consider total “bottom-line” costs when making price comparisons. Temporary forms cause high labor and [wasted] material costs, as well as the additional potential costs of safety hazards and repairs to chipped slab edges.

When contractors insist that they can build a comparable pocket for less money, we offer
to get them some work from our customers if they are serious. Never yet has a contractor been willing to build comparable quality pockets for another contractor at less cost than what the contractor can do for themselves!

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