Why Not Round?

*State of the art casting technology for a proven method of construction.
*Eliminates waste - The exact quantity of needed forms may be purchased! The safety lids are reusable!
*Offers options of interior first, exterior first, or simultaneous casting - With previous methods, a contractor had to predetermine the casting sequence. If a form was built in place you were stuck with it. Pocket Form Isolator offers one-form simplicity plus more flexibility. Safety lids are available to close off forms, eliminating the need for Styrofoam or sand in cases where tilt wall panels are to be cast over diamond block-outs.
*Excellent for use as junction or pull boxes - Pocket Form Isolator is the ideal solution for contractors placing below the slab refrigeration, electrical or plumbing service entry. Safety tops also make access easy for the end user.
*Saves Money - Eliminates guesswork of time & materials for wooden forms. Costly thickened slab edges are no longer required.
*Better Appearance - The fact that Pocket Form Isolator is manufactured with excellent quality control from an extremely consistent hi-tech material (high density polyethylene - a material that is non-bonding to concrete) means that all isolation pockets have the same appearance.
*Pocket Form Isolator is colored concrete grey. Safety tops are produced of high-visibility orange.
*Better form quality control - Plastic injection molding allows for thousands of identical parts to be manufactured.
*Better isolation pocket quality control - Eliminating the need for formwork removal means the loss of subgrade is a thing of the past. There are no broken slab edges where chipping occurs during removal of conventional isolation pockets.
*Allows conduit routing - Electrical conduit, communication & computer cabling, and plumbing pipes are very easily penetrated through Pocket Form Isolator by using conventional woodworking tools. In the past, if wooden forms were used, utility penetrations made form removal extremely difficult.
*Dimensional Flexibility - Parts are injection molded in precise sizes that mathematically lend themselves to height modifications via part exchanges and cutting. Standard heights are most economical, but what good is economy if you get the wrong size? We can manufacture any size, any depth - as long as the sides are straight. Currently we are making over 1600 shape and size combinations - we make custom shaped pockets every day.
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